our story

It’s easy to be seduced by an industry. The community feel, the benefits, the promises, the prospects but most importantly – the philosophy. In my case, it was the dining club and deals business. For more than 5 years I worked with the big hitters in the discounted dining industry and contributed to a growing industry whose core philosophy centred around helping diners eat for less. Or so I thought. Soon ‘how can we make a difference to the dining community’ turned into ‘how can we make the dining community work for us, for less?’ and I knew something had to change…

I launched TableNow – The North West’s No.1 Dining Club, in 2017, to be that change. Starting with the way we do business together:

Restaurants: I want to give you back the control of your inventory and last minute availability. Forget last minute surprise tables of 6 at peak times that you can’t move. Thanks to bespoke technology on the website and app, participating restaurants have complete control over scheduling their deals and availability in order to attract new customers and fill tables during quiet periods.

What’s really encouraging me to push TableNow further is the feedback we’re getting. I can safely say that we’re making a real difference to restaurants who need their tables filling when they want them filling and diners, who want to find an amazing deal.

Tom Sumner – Managing Director of TableNow

If you want to get in touch I would love to hear your feedback, just send me an email Tom.Sumner@tablenow.co.uk.

Happy Dining!